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Small Vase Pink

Small Vase Pink

€ 29,50Prijs

Small vases.

The vases are made from a mold. you can still see the mold seams. I think this is a nice effect.

Ofcourse it is all made in my studio in Amsterdam.

Colours and details vary cause of this totally handmade product.

Height  16 cm

Width 4 cm




  • Vase

    The vase is glazed inside and out. except the bottom. so do not put it on a moisture-absorbing surface as a precaution. Like wood. maybe moisture will get in after all.

    As a precaution: make sure to use a coaster or felt patches.

    De vaas is van binnen en van buiten geglazuurd. behalve de onderkant. dus zet het uit voorzorg niet op een vochtopnemende ondergrond. Zoals hout. Misschien trekt er dan toch vocht in.

    Als voorzorg gebruikt een onderzetter of vilten plakkers.


    Shipping is not included. And cost vary per country.

    EVERY item will be packed carefully with recycled material or as environmental friendly as possible.

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