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Waimea Black Naked 2.0 Vase

Waimea Black Naked 2.0 Vase

€ 54,95Prijs

Vase made from liquid clay! Also nice for a plant!

Height 25 cm

Inside glazed is transparant. Outside is unglazed. 

This gives the vase a Raw look. 

This vase is ofcourse waterproof!




  • Vase Waimea

    This vase is glazed at the inside. Perfect for fresh flowers.

    Do not put it on a wet underground. 

    Deze vaas is van binnen geglazuurd dus kan gebruikt worden voor een vers boeket bloemen. Zet het niet op een natte ondergrond!


    Shipping is not included. And cost vary per country.

    EVERY item will be packed carefully with recycled material or as environmental friendly as possible.

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