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This is my family of candle holders. They are all different but make a good match together.

In Hawaii Ohana means family. Here is my Ohana of  nice candleholders.


bubble vase handmade rose

Small bubble Vases

Inside is glazed transparant.

Outside Vase is glazed coloured. black clay shines through.

handmade chocolate raw Vases

Tall Chocolate Vases

Chocolate liquid Clay.

Outside Vase remains unglazed. Inside is glazed.

I call them naked.

terracotta bloemen vazen

Tall Terracotta Vases

Terracotta liquid Clay.

outside Vase remains unglazed. I call them naked.

handgemaakte keramieken vazen

Tall White Vases

Black liquid Clay.

in & outside Vase in white glaze. 

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